Tata 'Mahadewi' So ATM Burglary Victim

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Tata 'Mahadewi' So ATM Burglary Victim Mahadewi personnel, Tata, had become one of the victims of burglary accounts through ATMs. Fortunately, the money belongs to the singer of 'I swear I Love You' had been returned by the bank.

This was disclosed by Mulan Jameela, Tata colleagues in the Republic of Love, when found in Studio Penta, Kebon Jeruk, West Jakarta, Friday (22/1/2010). Mulan Tata said if the money had disappeared from his account for several days. "Good money is gone, but back again a few days later," says the singer of 'creature of God Most Sexy' it. Although no time to be a victim, Mulan also commented about the rampant burglary accounts. According to him, it is an act that is not commendable. "Already tired of work, his money is taken of people," he concluded.

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