Pain, Tata 'Mahadewi' Still Appear Section

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Pain, Tata 'Mahadewi' Still Appear Section When the pain usually people will choose clothes that are closed to keep the body warmer. But Tata 'Goddess' still look with an open shirt as flu.

"Yeah I was suddenly cold as the weather's not true anymore. But we can not blame nature. Puri also have a nasal tone, but his voice did not appear to be an obstacle for us," said the order is found in Senayan, Saturday (31/10/2009). Although admitted flu, but in terms of appearance, nothing has changed from the appearance of Ahmad Dhani's dou formation. they still look with an open fashion. Not afraid sicker? "Kan again now the weather is hot too. Just wrote anyway, playing the same day wear malem gini. Udah our traits as well," Tata said nonchalantly.

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