Fun story Tata & Puri 'Goddess' in Agustusan

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Fun story Tata & Puri 'Goddess' in Agustusan Mahadewi personnel, Tata and Puri, share stories during festivities commemorating the anniversary of Indonesian Independence. This is her story!

Usually, Tata and Puri during the Independence Day race in their homes. But the special on Tuesday (8/17/2010) they follow the race on RCTI Studio, Highway Struggle, Kebon Jeruk, West Jakarta. "Last race balloons so. Usually when our 17's in each home there is a race like eating crackers. Just maybe because fasting is not no all that stuff," said Tata when met with Castle on RCTI Studio, Highway Struggle, Kebon Jeruk, West Jakarta, Tuesday (17/08/2010).
Tata claimed to always follow the 17-race every year. So is the Castle tells the story never won the race put into a bucket of eels. "There are also insert a needle to thread, eating crackers, sack races and tug of war," said Puri. Even Tata told me never to follow the race climbing nut. But climbing nut was specific to women. "That can not be forgotten, at a leisurely stroll in the morning can kayak door prize numbers, it can present a gas stove fitting. Incidentally at home does not exist," Tata said, laughing.

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