Shopping Syahrini Septic Feather Eye on Japan

Posted by starrfy Tuesday, December 13, 2011 0 komentar
Shopping Syahrini Septic Feather Eye on Japan During a holiday in Japan, admitted Syahrini add his insights about the fashion trends of 2012. Not only that, he also bought some accessories to enhance your appearance. What is it?

"I'm in Japan shopping accessories as well. I bought some lashes. I namain eyelashes anti-septic," he told detikhot, Wednesday (07/12/2011). So what about the anti-storm lashes? "I do not buy. Stock is still a lot," he said. It is said that during this Syahrini accessories that are imported directly from Sakura. Syahrini feel very happy and had many interesting experiences during his stay in Japan. So upon arrival in Indonesia, he claimed to be more eager to work. "I feel excited about a holiday in there. Enjoying really. Return to Jakarta to be more fresh and morale again," he said.

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