From Japan, Syahrini The Fashionable

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From Japan, Syahrini The Fashionable Syahrini singer had just arrived in the country after his visit for several days in Japan. Now the singer hits 'I Choose You' was also looking more beautiful and fashionable.

Syahrini arrived at Soekarno Hatta Airport, Cengkareng around 17:00 pm. He was seen wearing a red dress with a scarf combined with leopard motif. Shoes air-studded platform heels and handbags Hermes Kelly Bag red color makes it look too confident. Not to forget, crested the equator is also still a mainstay of her hairdo. While in Japan, Syahrini admitted his insights about the fashion world is increasing. "I vacation to Japan's all about fashion like to add insight into 2012," he told detikhot, Wednesday (07/12/2011). "In Japan now it is fashion that is ngetrend full color," he continued more enthusiastically. 

During his time there, the former duet partner Anang Hermansyah was also excited because I could see the famous statue of Hachiko the dog because the story of his loyalty. "I was happy to see the statue of Hachiko. I had already watched the movie too," he said.

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