Meet Sexy Syahrini Like Beckham

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Meet Sexy Syahrini Like Beckham The presence of 3-day visit Syahrini soccer star David Beckham is considered a "blunder". Many a sneer and criticize. However, Syahrini believe, is actually only 1 percent of people who do not like him to accompany Beckham.

Syahrini was relaxed even somewhat indifferent face of ridicule circulating. Machination called pout that even come from the artists themselves. He believes still more who like it. "It's okay, biarin wrote, pros and cons is always there, and besides the people who do not like it or counter it at 1 percent, 99 percent like it," he smiled when met at the Soekarno-Hatta Airport, Cengkareng, Tangerang. Furthermore, Syahrini think scorn is a form of attention to himself. Women from Bogor was admitted to take lessons and considers it a blessing for her scorn. "I take a positive wrote of it, all it is a blessing, they do not know me. Salam wrote to them, 'I love you too'," he explained.

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