Use Syahrini Jambul Casablanca Tunnel

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Use Syahrini Jambul Casablanca Tunnel Jakarta There were different from the appearance on the night of grace Syahrini Indonesian Film Festival (FFI) overnight in Hall D1, JIExpo, Kemayoran, Jakarta, Saturday (10/12/2011). Her hair looks striking.

It turned out that night Syahrini did not do her hair with a topknot equator. But with the newest style topknot tunnel named Casablanca. "Tonight I'm wearing crested tunnel Casablanca because they want different," he said when met at the site. "It made ​​spontaneous course. Initially wanted to make a topknot, but somewhat different. Then arose the idea. In the middle of the tunnel like a cowlick there are so, so I namain tunnel Casablanca deh," he continued again to clarify. 

When singing on stage, singer hits 'I Choose You' was also performed with a charming fashion. He admitted to wearing a renowned designer, one of which belongs to Anne Avantie. "The theme of her clothes still touch of Indonesia. Satriadi Danny First draft, second draft Avantie Anne. Costume Paradise last theme, continues to exist underneath the fabric motifs legong dance tells the story of Bali," he said. In the event televised live from the RCTI television station, appearing Syahrini presented three songs. One of them is a new single titled 'Something' creations former band ST12, Charly.

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