Kim Kardashian Takes Kris to Her Dad's Gravesite

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Kim Kardashian Takes Kris to Her Dad's Gravesite Sharing a touching moment as they near their walk down the aisle, Kim Kardashian was joined by Kris Humphries on a trip to pay respects to her late father in Los Angeles on Monday.

The E! reality star and her fiancé were followed by camera crews as they took to the Inglewood Cemetery , where Kim led the way to her dad, Robert Kardashian's gravesite. After spending time at the final resting place, the soon to be newlyweds hopped into their car and headed over to a nearby El Pollo Loco drive through before making their way back home.

Aside from the day's outing, Kim has announced that she's set to be featured on GMA on Tuesday morning.

The 30-year-old tweeted of the segment, "Just found out that 'GMA' is airing behind-the-scenes footage of our Annie Leibovitz photo shoot tomorrow morning!! Who's watching, (August 9).

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