Kim Kardashian sexy at JFK, Goes 3D

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Kim Kardashian sexy at JFK, Goes 3D Getting an early start to her morning, Kim Kardashian was spotted hopping a plane in New York City today.

The “Disaster Movie” dame moved quickly through the terminal at John F. Kennedy International Airport on her way out of town. Meanwhile, Kim’s fabulous 3D photo spread in Nick Saglimbeni’s World’s Most Beautiful magazine has been leaked a few days before the scheduled release on Monday, August 8th.

Of the experience, Kardashian shared, "Just to even do a 3-D shoot and then see the photos come to life-it's amazing! The first time [seeing myself that way] is really magical."

She continued, "Being stick-skinny is not something I strive for. I'm all about being healthy and being in shape...It's not about having the perfect shape, it's about finding the best you and being your best no matter what. You should never try to fit someone else's mold. Anyone can be beautiful."  (August 4).

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