Lucy Liu Says Good Morning America

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Lucy Liu Says Good Morning America She’s always a delight to see and hear from, and Lucy Liu paid a visit to “Good Morning America” earlier today (April 18).

The “Charlie’s Angels” babe looked amazing in a printed dress and got to talk about her gig with “Southland” as of late.

Of her character on the show, Lucy shared, “She’s very raw and she’s very real. And I think the situations they put her in and the way the write the script and how it’s produced- they basically wanted “Cops” scripted and that’s what the show is. So it keeps people on their toes.”
And as a UNICEF Ambassador, Ms. Liu just got back from Haiti- “Haiti is in a lot of need, still. It’s in disrepair since the earthquake. I don’t know that it’s progressed in a way that everyone would have hoped it would have. It still needs a lot of care and of course children are our number one concern. And I’m working with Heinz and their micronutrient campaign... to cure anemia.”

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