Jason Segel Tapes Michelle Williams' Pics On Phone

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Jason Segel Tapes Michelle Williams' Pics On Phone Showing off some personal pictures while he made his way into his home in Los Angeles, California on Friday (April 13), Jason Segel was spotted holding his iPhone which had shots of his girlfriend, Michelle Williams, taped to the back.

The "Five-Year Engagement" actor had his hands full at his front door after recording a segment for the "Tonight Show with Jay Leno", but the most intriguing item in his hand was his iPhone that showed off photo-booth style pics of his new girl, decorated with hearts and the message "I love you".

Jason planned to share engagement stories from his Twitter followers on the "Tonight Show," but tweeted on Saturday, "Sorry team, we ran out of time for the engagement tweets but they are loaded and ready for the next two weeks of talk shows for 5 year!!"

Talking about his latest film "Five Year Engagement" - which is a comedy that follows the ups and downs of the engaged life - Jason dished about the full nude frontal that was cut from the movie.
"We shot it on a real city street in Michigan and we were not able legally to shut down the street so [the University of Michigan] was lined with college kids," making it difficult to shoot because "their iPhones and my whole thing is out." And when Jason asked the students to put their phones away, it only attracted a larger audience.

When Leno asked about how the cold and snowy weather affected the nude scene that will be on the DVD, Jason pleaded with the audience, "When you see the DVD, please keep that in mind!"

Check out the trailer for "Five-Year Engagement" (above) - which is expected to hit theaters on April 27.

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