News Today in Charlie Sheen

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News Today in Charlie Sheen. Charlie Sheen, down to zero Goddesses according to celebrity suck-up show reports, and no longer the hottest guest booking on the late night show circuit, now has leisure time to focus on finding out whether he still has a career.

Rumor has it the sacked “Two and a Half Men” star has gotten together with Lionsgate, producer of “Mad Men” and other shows, to pitch a sitcom starring Sheen. Celebrity site Radar says there’s a bidding war going on for the Sheen project, citing an unnamed insider, though networks named in the report – particularly alleged frontrunner TBS, deny it. Lionsgate, meanwhile, has been declining to comment since the report came out.

Competing celebrity watch site TMZ also has been trying to squeeze the last drop out of the Sheen Web-traffic sponge – going back to its unnamed sources who fed it a tip that “Men” creator Chuck Lorre would set the tone to welcome his Sheen replacement Ashton Kutcher by having Sheen’s Charlie Harper killed in a car crash – driving off a cliff to be specific. And hilarity ensues.

By: Lisa de Moraes

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