Charlie Sheen to ex-goddess: Give back the Mercedes

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Charlie Sheen to ex-goddess: Give back the Mercedes Charlie Sheen has lost the last of his two original "goddesses" and now he wants her pricey Mercedes-Benz back, reports.

In a report based on unnamed sources, TMZ say when Natalie Kenly moved out last week, Charlie demanded that she return the Mercedes-Benz that he had given her. Kenly was one of two girlfriends who stood by Sheen when he watched his career crumble after being fired from CBS' Two and a Half Men.

It was only a few months ago that Sheen reportedly went on a Mercedes-buying binge for his bevy of beauties, spending a reported $800,000 on four of the exotic cars. Back then, he was still a working TV actor pulling down millions a year. Now, money is a bit tighter and buying four Mercedes-Benzes for girlfriends is probably no longer in the cards.

By: Chris Woodyard

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