Elisha Cuthbert Covers Shape February 2012

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Elisha Cuthbert Covers Shape February 2012 Her figure has received plenty of praise ever since her role in "The Girl Next Door," and Elisha Cuthbert adorns the cover of the February 2012 issue of Shape magazine.

The 38-year-old swapped in and out of an array of sporty outfits for the Don Flood shot spread while treating readers to her 5-minute workout for killer curves.

Other highlights from Elisha's interview are as follows. For more, be sure to visit Shape!
On whether she ever had to worry about her weight:
"I must have great genes because I got away with the minimum amount of exercise for a very long time! It wasn't until I turned 25 that I noticed I wasn't in shape."

On what she did to fix it:
"I had to make fitness a part of my life. I started running six days a week for about 45 minutes and hitting the gym to strength-train. And recently I've gotten into yoga; I like how it keeps my body limber."

On her Valentine's Day menu plans:
"There's nothing more romantic than Italian food. I'll probably start with heirloom tomatoes and burrata cheese, then serve my homemade vegetable lasagna, along with a nice glass of Chianti. I don't bake, so I'll get something delicious from the bakery for dessert. When it comes to sweets, I give myself a free pass and allow some splurging."

On how she's feeling about turning 30:
"Sometimes I'm totally in shock that it's happened so quickly – but at the same time, I don't get that hung up over it. I actually feel very grounded."

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