Charlize Theron & Baby Jackson's Little Dom's Lunch Date

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Charlize Theron & Baby Jackson's Little Dom's Lunch Date

Fitting in a little quality bonding with her prince charming, Charlize Theron and baby Jackson ventured out for a mother/son lunch in Los Angeles, California on Saturday (April 14).

The "Monster" actress toted her boy in a covered carrier as the terrific twosome popped into Little Dom's to grab up a tasty midday meal.

While she's been quite the busy lady these days, Miss Theron told the Daily Mail that she's been getting used to the role of a first-time parent.
The 36-year-old dished, "It's amazing what you can do with one arm. 'I hold Jackson in one, and we play and do things with the other. It's like he's permanently attached to my body.''

As for her upcoming movie "Prometheus," Charlize kept tight-lipped when the Daily Mail prodded for specific details, as she said, ''I'd have to kill you if I told you! Of course stuff happens, but that would spoil the film for you - and everyone - if I revealed it. You have to wait and be patient.''

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