"The X Factor": Alanis Morissette, R. Kelly and Avril Lavigne

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"The X Factor": Alanis Morissette, R. Kelly and Avril Lavigne duet with the finalists (CBS) Wooster, Ohio. Santa Cruz, Calf. Sunrise, Fla. Three such simple places. Three such simple places that, one day, might have a bronze statue in their town squares commemorating the first ever American winner of "The X Factor."
Wooster's Josh Krajcik, Santa Cruz' Chris Rene and Sunrise's Melanie Amaro, should they succeed here, would get a $5 million contract and untold immortality. All they had to do in last night finals was sing a couple of songs well. Which wasn't as easy as it sounded. In fact, it ended up sounding not so easy at all. Krajcik began uncertainly, with a peculiar gray wood as his backdrop. 

What was this eerie place? Tim Burton's back garden? What was this eerie song? Why was Krajcik halting? Oh, Lordy, he had to do double duty as a presenter. For there he was, breaking his song to introduce Alanis Morissette. They then dueted her hit "Uninvited." By: Chris Matyszczyk

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