Taylor Lautner gay rumors swirling again after the cover of People magazine

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Taylor Lautner gay rumors swirling again after the cover of People magazine circulating fake Twitter Taylor Lautner gay! ... But not really. The rumors about the sexuality of the star started to move again today on the cover of People Magazine on Twitter was false. The image shows Twilight stars on the cover of next issue of People magazine.
The cover reads: "Tired of the rumors, Twilight star open to the decision finally came." And offer a quote from Taylor Lautner: "I am more independent and happier than me." However, Gossip Cop that coverage is 100% false. How could they say? Well, the fact that the representative of the magazine said the cover was "totally false", framed in the magazine is a 2006 edition of People magazine.
This is not the first time people have speculated about sexuality Lautner. Earlier this year, the Twilight star was spotted by director Gus Van Zandt openly gay, rumors began circulating that homosexuals Lautner. But Lautner said that actors sometimes have dinner with the director in a way that is not romantic ... You know, business talk. Taylor Lautner said, "It is no coincidence that not a writer, director and actor at dinner." And, of course, it was announced last month that Lautner will be filming an independent film Sant. There seems to be no merit to this rumor, but it will not end the speculation Lautner sexuality. Do you think Taylor Lautner is gay?

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