Lindsay Lohan Sexy Gets Artsy in Los Angeles

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Lindsay Lohan Sexy Gets Artsy in Los Angeles Putting her legal woes aside for a fun-filled weekend outing, Lindsay Lohan was all smiles as she arrived at Roseark in Los Angeles on Friday night
The outing comes amidst a new report claiming that LiLo recently spoke about how she thinks she still has an Oscar-worthy performance in her if given the chance.
The "Mean Girls" starlet looked stylish in an LBD with a matching brimmed black hat as she joined alongside Kathy Rose and Lana Gomez at the Lana Gomez Art Show. A source told the tabloids, “Lindsay is clearly living on a different planet. Her life is in tatters and no one in Hollywood will even take her calls. But she still sees herself as a player, and she’s telling friends that her career is going better than ever. She’s even talking about finding a role that will make her dream of winning an Oscar come true!”

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