Hyoyeon 'SNSD' Difficult Acting Cute

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Hyoyeon 'SNSD' Difficult Acting Cute For a member of a girlband, featuring cute aegyo behavior seems to be one of necessity. Aegyo be characteristic and charisma to a member of the girlband.

Moreover, a top girlband like SNSD. Known as nine beautiful women, cute acting like a puffed cheek or wink should not be difficult. However, different for Hyoyeon. SNSD dancing machine that claims do not like to act cute. He even admitted it was the most difficult as the Kpop idol. "It's hard for me to pretend. I was so embarrassed if you have to act cute or pretty. 

I do what it is. As part of SNSD, it's hard to be what it is," said Hyoyeon in the episode 'Invicible Youth' allkpop reported on Monday (28 / 11/2011). Hyoyeon also admitted pretending to act cute very disturbing. Though his fellow SNSD members known to be very good if asked to betingkah cute. "The other members are very good in aegyo. I try very hard to do, but it tickled me," complained Hyoyeon.

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