Emma Stone & Olivia Wilde For Revlon Spring Summer 2012 Campaign

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Emma Stone & Olivia Wilde For Revlon Spring Summer 2012 Campaign Since I started talking about the new Hollywood wave – you know, the kinds of Ryan Gosling and Michael Pitt here, I just couldn’t leave it to rest without a special mention.

One of my favorite young actresses of the moment is Emma Stone. Have you seen Crazy, Stupid Love? (just a random example. With both Ryan and Emma) Beautiful! Just beautiful! If you haven’t had the pleasure yet, please do try! So that marks the main reason I wanted to bring Emma Stone into the picture today. The second reason, obviously, is her fronting the Revlon Spring Summer 2012 Ad Campaign. Photographed by Craig McDean, Emma is adorable and her perfectly coral makeup (and coral top) makes me wish for summer. Isn’t she lovely?
As for Olivia Wilde – we knew she was into something – Revlon, so this isn’t so surprising after all. However, the loads of Photoshop she’s been through makes it harder for me to really identify Olivia there. Sure her eyes are there.. But there’s something strange about the mouth. Isn’t it?

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