Concert SNSD Singapore

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Concert SNSD Singapore Singapore - SNSD will hold their first concert in Southeast Asia tonight, Friday (12/09/2011) in Singapore. Fans from different countries was coming, not least from Indonesia.

According to representatives of the Sone Bima Indonesia, more than 300 Sone (call for SNSD fans) are present at the Singapore Indoor Stadium, Singapore for a concert the first day. They claimed had come to Singapore to meet his idol groups are. Understandably, until now Indonesia has not been ascertained also be visited by groups of up to 9 women. 

"Since Indonesia is still no certainty when it will diadain SNSD concert. While in Singapore's deket so beat wrote," Bima said when met at the site detikHot concert. Fierce, from 300 Sone was about 50 of whom will also watch it on the second day. They will attend a concert titled '2011 Girls 'Generation Tour' was two nights in a row.

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