Celeb Spotlight, Amanda Peet Sexy

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Celeb Spotlight, Amanda Peet Sexy Age: 33 Hometown: New York City Current gig: A Lot like Love, playing a woman who takes seven years to find out that her Mr. Wrong (Ashton Kutcher) might be her Mr. Right
It's hard for her to keep a straight face Director Nigel Cole had to resort to tricks to keep Peet and her A Lot Like Love costar Ashton Kutcher from getting too goofy. "We both tend to have huge laughs and that's a problem for film," says Peet. "If the two of us are close together and we are both laughing spontaneously, boy it's a lot of teeth. That's when Nigel would yell, 'Botox! Let's shoot it again!'" Says Cole: "I explained to them that if they kept moving their faces, I had a nurse available with a syringe of the stuff and that she was ready to use it a moment's notice." 

She dances her nerves away Peet isn't immune to getting the jitters before heading onstage each night for her six-week run in the Off-Broadway drama This Is How It Goes. The cure? Along with her makeup artist and dresser, "we dance backstage like a bunch of jackasses," she says. On the plus side, returning to the Big Apple has been a homecoming for Peet. The native New Yorker is even considering moving back full-time to be near her family.

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