Yolanthe Cabau van Kasbergen: Wesley Sneijder's1 Fan

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Yolanthe Cabau van Kasbergen: Wesley Sneijder's1 Fan With his Netherlands squad having just qualified for a spot in the World Cup finals by beating Uruguay, the match's top man, Wesley Sneijder, has become a person of great interest around the globe.

One of the hottest topics happens to center on the Dutch soccer sensation's love life - as he's dating the stunning soap star/model, Yolanthe Cabau van Kasbergen. For those unfamiliar, Yolanthe is a 25-year-old Spaniard who has been voted as the sexiest woman in the World in 2006 and 2007 by Dutch FHM. Prior to getting involved with Yolanthe, Wesley was married to Ramona Streekstra until they legally ended their relationship in January 2009.

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