Whitney Port Sexy Miami Beach Swimsuit

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Whitney Port Sexy Miami Beach Swimsuit Showing off her fine form, once more, Whitney Port took to the warm Atlantic waters off of Miami Beach, Florida on Monday afternoon.
Coming as a break from the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week SWIM 2012 festivities, the super-fit bikini-clad former "City" star headed down the sandy beach as she eased into the refreshing waters to cool down from the summertime heat. Whitney has certainly earned her South Beach break, as she has been hard at work on the 2012 collection for her.

Whitney Eve line as of late, as well as spending time creating an all-new lower-priced fashion offering. When asked about the forthcoming affordable-yet-chic outfits, Port told press, "We’re working on a lower end-not cheap-but a more affordable side to my line. It’s going through some phases right now, we’re not sure what we’ll call it yet but I’ll launch it during fashion week."

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