Taylor Swift's Sexy Charleston Vacation

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Taylor Swift's Sexy Charleston Vacation: Picture Perfect! Giving her millions of fans a look at how she spends her little bit of free time, Taylor Swift offered up a full slate of personal photos from a recent beach getaway.
Posting the candid shots on her website, the 21-year-old country cutie is seen frolicking along the beach in Charleston, South Carolina. Joined by a group of gal pals, Miss Swift was clad in a one piece swimsuit as she and her ladies ran about the Atlantic Ocean shoreline and hopped aboard a boat to cruise the waters. 

Of the recent trip, Taylor wrote in a post accompanying the pics, “I found a three day window in August and invited all the girls you see onstage (one fiddle player, one backup singer, two dancers, three aerialists) to go with me to one of the places on my list (this particular place was underlined, with stars drawn next to it, indicating that I reeeeally wanted to go there): Charleston, South Carolina.”

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