Paris Hilton sexy, and Lindsay Lohan Giorgio Baldi Babes

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Paris Hilton sexy, and Lindsay Lohan Giorgio Baldi Babes Teaming up for a gourmet dinner, Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton were spotted at Giorgio Baldi restaurant in Pacific Palisades last night.
The “Simple Life” starlet and the “Mean Girls” gal looked to be enjoying their time together as they kissed goodnight on their way home. 

And despite the fact that they’ve had several very public feuds, it looks like LiLo and Paris have made another go at friendship. An insider told press, Paris has known Lindsay since she was 15 years old. The girls have had their falling-outs in the past, but they've put that all behind them. They feel that life is short and they're adults and have been friends way too long to let go,  (July 28).

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