Natalie Portman Sexy Dance Doubles

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Natalie Portman Sexy Dance Doubles Talks "Black Swan"  Ever since the movie hit theaters, there’s been chatter concerning that most of the dancing in “Black Swan” was done by body doubles, but Natalie Portman doesn’t let any of that nonsense get to her.

When body double, Sarah Lane, made remarks about the actress not dancing for the majority of the scenes, Portman’s fiance, Benjamin Millepied, as well as co-star Mila Kunis, came to her defense telling that the claim was untrue. While the “No Strings Attached” actress prefers to stay mum about the situation, she did recently tell MTV News, “I had a chance to make something beautiful with this film and I don’t want to give in to the gossip.”

She also noted that she has no further comment regarding the fact that she didn't give Lane a shout-out in her Best Actress Oscar acceptance speech.

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