Natalie Portman Dazzles at "Black Swan" Premiere

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Natalie Portman Dazzles at "Black Swan" Premiere Giving the folks over in Italy a first look at her new film, Natalie Portman was spotted at the Venice Film Festival premiere of “Black Swan” today.

The “Garden State” actress joined director Darren Aronofsky and actor Vince Cassel at the Opening Ceremony at the Palazzo del Casino for the swanky event. And while Natalie has always risen to the occasion regarding challenging roles, she had to work extra hard to get prepped this time around.

She explained, "Six months ahead of the film, I went into sort of hyper-training, where five hours a day I was doing both ballet and cross-training, with swimming. A few months before was when we started getting into the choreography. It was very extreme."

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