Jessica Alba's Bikini Bliss

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Jessica Alba's Bikini Bliss in Cabo San Lucas Continuing along with her south of the border getaway, Jessica Alba showed off her baby bump in a bikini while on holiday in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico on Thursday.

Joined by daughter Honor Marie Warren, the expecting actress lazily lounged around her resort's pool area while contently soaking in the rays and chatting with her accompanying gal pals.

As for her current pregnancy-which makes for her second child with husband Cash Warren-Alba recently told Us magazine, "It's just simply not as daunting of a process. Before everything was happening for the first time and it's like, 'What's going on?' and 'What does this mean? I would look everything up online, I had all my books; I diagnosed myself with everything that can go wrong. Of course nothing went wrong, thank God! I guess I'm sort of more at ease with it all."

Also chatting about her choice in diet with the baby on board, Jess said, "I don't usually eat processed foods. I try to eat organic and as many sort of fresh foods as possible. I think now, especially because I'm pregnant, it's so, so hard to get motivated to work out, but just doing a half hour a day of something is better than nothing."

She added, "If you can do half an hour or 45 minutes a day of something, it's just better for your health and your birthing. The birth will be so much easier and the recovery is so much easier if you are just moving and you get the blood circulating,  (May 12).

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