Heidi Klum & Brooklyn Decker: AOL Summer Runners

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Heidi Klum & Brooklyn Decker: AOL Summer Runners Recruiting another one of her gorgeous gal pals for an exercise excursion, Heidi Klum was joined by Brooklyn Decker on location for her AOL Summer Run shoot in New York City on Tuesday morning.

The two lovely ladies strapped on their sneakers as they trekked across the Brooklyn Bridge as a photographer captured all of the action along the way.

Tweeting to her many followers once finished up, Miss Klum wrote, "Ran with @brooklynddecker across the Brooklyn Bridge. Now my day can start! Bring it on!"

Meanwhile, Heidi continues to offer up tips for a healthy lifestyle on her newly-launched AOL website.

In one of the latest posts, the 38-year-old garnered the help of Fitness and Wellness Expert Andrea Orbeck - who offered up "an exercise regiment designed especially to tighten up your arms and keep your core strong and long" - with the video and workout guidelines found below:

Bicep Curls
Standing with your feet shoulder width apart and your back straight, curl your arms up while lifting one leg up at the same time, alternating with 10 reps for each side to challenge stability and strengthen your core.

Tricep with Glute Extension
Standing with your feet shoulder width apart and back erect as always, pull your arms into a row, keep knees softly bent, hinge your top half over and straighten arms in and out, keeping elbows pointed and all the weight in your heels. Challenge yourself further by extending one leg out, toe pointed, lifting and lowering your leg as you do the tricep extension. Deltoids with Calf Raise. Keeping your posture upright and your feet shoulder width apart, bend arms at a 90 degree angle while laterally lifting them up and to the side and popping up onto your toes for extra calf stability and balance.

Just keep up these three exercises two to three times a week with 25 reps and two to five pound hand weights to get your body ready for its sexiest summer yet!, (July 12).

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