Gisele Bundchen Focused with Fitness

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Gisele Bundchen Focused with Fitness Keeping her flawless figure in fine form, Gisele Bundchen was spotted out for a weekend workout in Studio City, CA on Saturday.

The top-earning model was up bright and early for the morning sweat session as she teamed up with her trainer at the local gym while clad in a white sleeveless top paired with tight-fitting grey pants.

Aside from her arduous fitness efforts, Miss Bundchen was recently crowned winner of the Challenge WED (World Environment Day) competition - as she beat out actor Don Cheadle in drawing more interest via her web campaign efforts.

Thanking those who helped her edge out the "Crash" actor, Gisele said, "I am very grateful to all those who participated in the Challenge WED. On World Environment Day, millions of people demonstrated the power of individual choice and pledged to protect and sustain our planet recording their environmental actions.

Are events such as the WED that allow us to understand how each of our actions, when combined, help to make a greater impact to save our planet. I want to thank UNEP for reminding everyone that we can make a difference. A special thank you to everyone who registered in the Challenge, both in my team and in the Don Cheadle. It was exciting and fun to witness how the movement for a Healthier Planet and Green absent. I am anxious to plant my forest. (07/11/2011)

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