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Charlie Sheen TBS MESSAGE: WE DON’T WANT THAT IDIOT. OMG! Charlie Sheen has lost it all and didn’t we almost have it all? When love was all we had worth giving? Now former CBS hunk and 9/11 conspiracy theorist needs a new home and knocked on the door of TBS and they slammed it in his face, faster than he could say: “Georgie Girl ain’t got no teeth.”

Ashton Kutcher has taken Sheen’s place on TWO AND A HALF MEN, leaving Sheen without a show, and there is the rumor that they are killing off his character. OMG! Don’t burn that bridge girls. Don’t burn that bridge. Sheen has shown that he can draw a crowd and I loved, loved, loved his stage show. He was so sexy and even wanted to pay my Georgie Girl to be one of his goddesses, but he had a job at Wal-Mart to begin and couldn’t go on the road. Besides, I don’t want my Georgie Girl making out with Sheen. Stupid toothless idiot is my man!

I think that TBS should take Sheen aboard! He brings people! And they suck anyway and could use a good show. They could stop putting “very funny” in every promo, trying to convince their audience that they have funny shows. And stop with those Fasaing laugh tracks you idiots.

I reached out to RSR World and got a record 456,249 emails in 2 hours about this topic. Here is just a sampling:

“You have NO clue about what Sheen does with proceeds for my show. TBS is the way most actors sell their show Einstein. I don’t expect for many of the people in The Philippines to buy it, but just in case you didn’t know… many people are living in AMERICA. I have nothing but respect for people, you don’t even know me and you come at me with this bull? You are worse than what you claim I am, because you have never met me, you have no idea what I do with underprivledged kids in my community, what I do for cancer patients in my community, or anything that I do in my personal life, so for you to spew some bullcrap at me like you just did, is comical to me at best.” – Jack Mars

“If I were TBS, I would shout: We don’t want that idiot! F him. He’s a druggie, loser, piece of crap, stupid, horse’s ass, IDIOT, useless, and I have his torpedo of truth if he ever comes to my bedroom.” – Martin Imposter. “I like Sheen. He’s almost as inspirational as my two idols: Don Gorske and Steve Farhood. Hey, here’s a pitch: Don Gorske, Sheen, and Steve Farhood in a sitcom together!!! TBS call me! You can have that idea for free!   Come on! Call me!”—Jim Minkle.

By: Anthony Santiago

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